Setting up a standalone Panda directory

I am trying to set up a directory for my game that is independant from the install directory, (ie not the “mystuff” directory used in the tutorial). I know I have to edit the config.prc file but where would I put that to make sure that my game uses it? I don’t want to put it in the etc folder because then every project I make will use the same config file. Also is there anything else I should know about setting up my own directory?


You don’t need to do anything special. Just create a directory, put your game in it, and run. Doesn’t matter where the directory is, and you don’t need to edit panda’s config file.

By default, the panda model-path will contain the directory of your main program. So for instance, let’s say you do this:

c:> python c:\devel\mygame\

In that case, the model path will contain c:\devel\mygame, because that’s where your main program is. So then, let’s say you put your models in c:\devel\mygame\models. In that case, you would need to type:


to load the model.