Setting scales in a definition

i have added an animation into a game seen here
there is actually a cigar in his hand but you cant see it because it’s sooooooooo tiny, here’s the code I have for this:

def doCigarSmoke(attack):
    suit = attack['suit']
    battle = attack['battle']
    target = attack['target']
    toon = target['toon']
    dmg = target['hp']
    cigar = globalPropPool.getProp('cigar')
    suitTrack = getSuitTrack(attack)
    posPoints = [Point3(0, 0, 0), VBase3(0, 0, 0)]
    propTrack = Sequence(getPropAppearTrack(cigar, suit.getRightHand(), posPoints, 5, MovieUtil.PNT3_ONE, scaleUpTime=0.5))
    hitPoint = __toonFacePoint(toon, parent=battle)
    hitPoint.setX(hitPoint.getX() - 1.4)
    missPoint = __toonGroundPoint(attack, toon, 0.7, parent=battle)
    missPoint.setX(missPoint.getX() - 1.1)
    propTrack.append(getPropThrowTrack(attack, cigar, parent=battle))
    damageAnims = [['conked']]
    toonTrack = getToonTrack(attack, damageDelay=4.5, splicedDamageAnims=damageAnims, dodgeDelay=2.8, dodgeAnimNames=['sidestep'])
    if dmg > 0:
        return Parallel(suitTrack, toonTrack, propTrack)
        return Parallel(suitTrack, toonTrack, propTrack)

even though I have cigar.setScale(5), the scale doesn’t change. what do I do?

I’m looking for the same answer could anyone help? :slight_smile:

Wait, how do we know its rendering to the cogs hand? It says suit.getHand() or whatever but I don’t think its rendering…

Clyde, before I changed the positions to 0, 0, 0, I always saw it in the right side of his hand like 1 foot away from the hand. That’s almost the same code used for fountain pen, that’s how I got the thing to render it to the hand.