setColor not working on nVidia?


I’ve encountered a problem with Panda which I have no clue where is coming from. So figured I would just post it here and hope someone had a solution - let me know if the post belongs in another thread.

Explaining the problem is even a problem =)

When I render something to the screen in the state our game is currently in, it appears “flat”- there is a lack of depth. It seems like all colors have been boosted to their max saturation, and the setColor() function does not work.

Picture of the game:

I might be hard to see what’s wrong since I can’t post a picture of “the right looking” game, but we have tested the code on other computers and it runs perfectly. But on my computer everything that has to do with setColor() doesn’t work - even Alpha is ignored. On the picture one of the stalks is selected (suppose to be red-ish) but it just maintains its basic color.

So far we have found two computers, both with nVidia cards, where it doesn’t work. But for fun I tried creating the Panda3D Hello World tutorial on one of them, and it has no problem with the lighting or setColor.

So my question is: Does this sound familiar to anyone - is there a setting that could do something like this, or is it a bug?
ANY help would be appreciated.

Try adjusting the priority of setColor – since it already has somehow some colors assigned.

But this seems not your problem – the reason why there is no depth in your scene is because you don’t have any lighting enabled. See the manual chapter (and sample program) about lighting, that will give your scene more depth.

Thanks for the reply - there is light in the program but after outcommenting the different lines we singled out the line that was causing the problem. So thanks =) you made it possible for us to pin down the problem.

slight.setAttenuation(Point3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0))

Dont know why this line of code causes the colors to be “flat” on some computers while it works fine on some others.

Anyway, thanks for the help