set position help

maybe it’s a stupid question but I used the Torque engine before and now with Panda3d I don’t know how to set right position coordinates for models…there’s a way to understand how to set the tree numbers of SetPosition()?

For exemple…in the manual they put (0,10,0) postion for the panda to start his movement…how do they know it was a good point to start?

how to find the right position where to set the camera?
it’s not possible to move models or camera with the mouse to know the coordinates of them?

To put my model in the right position I’ve tried 20 times! :frowning:


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Try to pop up a placer panel, which allows you to slide your model around in the world until it’s visually where you want it. Then you can copy down the numbers.

There are other techniques, too. Sounds like you’re looking for a general level editor. There is one in Panda, although I think it suffers from a minor bug in version 1.1.0 (search the forum for posts about it).


Panda3D uses a normal 3 axis coordinatesystem. The X axis points to the right, the Y axis is forward, and Z is up.

To manipulate the camera i think you have to do something like this,y,z),p,r)

I hope this is right and helpfull

Martin, you need to disable the mouse before you can think about placing the camera yourself. If you keep the mouse control enabled, a task is updating the position of the cam each frame, overriding your setPos()

Working example:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart 

(Whereas X, Y, Z and h, p, r need to be the value of your choice…)

Regards, Bigfoot29

You are right bigfoot, I was searching for the scene editor…I’ve seen the video tutorial too…but when I tried to lunch it with (in the directory of Scene Editor itself) it doesn’t work…
I’ve checked config and changed like this want-directtools #t want-tk #t
but is still don’t work…
can u help me?
do you know why is non abilitated by default?
it’s not usefull and necessary to create games?

Well…I made it works finally…but I still wonder why is not as default…I think it’s very usefull!
what do u think about it?