Set a position of mouse.

Hello everyone.

Besides we can get the position of cursor (base.mouseWatcherNode.getMouseX())

Can we set the position of cursor?

I wondering when I want to rotate a camera around the model in X-axis
by moving the mouse in X-axis.

But when the cursor move to the border of the screen, The camera stop rotate (Because the cursor don’t move anymore).

I want it to continue rotate, so I want to set the cursor back to the middle
of the screen.

Any idea?


You can set the mouse position using
For example, to move the mouse to the middle:, / 2, / 2), posX , posY)

posX/y might be swapped,thought. to center the mouse you would need to set the pos values to half of your vertical/horizontal screen/window resolution

Very quick answer.!

Thank you very much!, ‘pro-rsoft’ and ‘ThomasEgi’. :smiley: