Server Code Help

Some codes I enter for my game, only I can see the things. Other times, everyone can. Is there a special code to make everyone see?

You might have to be a little more specific.

What is happening more precisely, people can’t see the same objects as you do? If you are working on a server, you should check some things such as the server send result (you may have an error sending), also, if you are using UDP sockets it is possible that the message was lost.

What does that mean? Oh, and if this helps, I’m creating something using Toontown figures. So it will have Toontown codes

What, do you mean you are entering cheat codes into a Toontown hack engine?

We are not going to give you advice on how to hack into Toontown here. When you are designing a game of your own, feel free to ask a question about that.


You just don’t get it. I’m doing it with Toontown figures. This youtube guy OMGCOOLVIDEOS makes panda3D videos with Toontown figures

Seems we are having some language problems here, is english your mother tongue? If you speak portuguese I can try to help you, PM me.

Otherwise, I believe your problem is with a client-server application, as you wrote “server code help.”
If that is the case, you must be sending info to your client, and the way to so is using Sockets. Is this scenario correct?

Yes, I speak english. I just need help making it so everyone sees my stuff.

You will have to explain in detail what you are trying to do. It is impossible to help with so little information.

First question… do you have any code?
Next question… can we see what this code is?

If you are asking us to show you how to do it… we did in Documentation->Manual.