Sequence of intervals with local transformations?

Hi, maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to find a way to create a Sequence of local transformation Intervals (using either NodePath's .posInterval() etc. or LerpInterval directly). The latter has an other parameter, but this cannot be used to refer to itself as it is updated each step during the lerp. Is there another way to create a sequence of consecutive intervals in the moving object’s frame of reference? The use case is essentially equivalent to 3d turtle graphics, as in [“move x units in your current forward direction”, “turn right 90 degress”, “move forward again”, etc.].

It would seem I’d either have to create and maintain another dummy object to use as reference, or compose subsequent transformations in world space myself, but perhaps I’m just missing an easier way?

It is bad practice to use sequences and intervals to move.

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You’re probably reaching the limits of what should be done with intervals. It may be better to create a task to move the object in the way you desire.