Sequence, Func and setDoneEvent

I have created a Sequence with the last item as a function interval (Func). The function sets a variable of an object.
I have also used a setDoneEvent() on that sequence to signal when that sequence has completed. The event triggers a method that checks on the variable that was set with the function interval.
The value that is reported is incorrect: the variable does not seem to be set.

When I add a Wait(0.001) to the end of the Sequence, events behave as expected and the correct value of the variable is reported. Is this a bug or is this expected?

Hmm, that does sound like a bug. I’ll investigate.

In the meantime, you can work around it by using another Func interval to send your done event, e.g. Func(messenger.send(‘doneEvent’)), rather then using setDoneEvent().