Separating examples into parts

What about separating each example in the Samples folder into more than 2 or 3 parts to make it easy to learn
Specially (Asteroid) example cause it is too hard to study

This is always going to be a trouble. What I like to do is to carefully cut/run
and see what happens. I then put the pasted code into a separate file/module and try to put everything back together. This is actually a good learning exercise.

Also, for simple examples, try to de-object-orientate the code. I find that stuffing everything into a ‘World’ obj and then only calling world(), run() gives the mind an uncessary bender and is absolutely ridiculous.

I think the examples are very simple and understandable all ready.
Teaching proper object orientation at the start is a win too.

I want more examples written.

I do exactly like this…but because you are not the writer of the functions, you will have hard times trying to follow each code
I was suffering to find out how a bullet is created by the spaceship in Asteroid sample…I’m now trying to separate it into parts, for example:
Part 1: Load models
Part 2: Set keys to control the ship
Part 3: Shoot the bullet
and when I finish I’ll send it to the forum to help beginners learning easily

Examples may be simple for experienced persons but not for all users
Samples are putted to give you a general information on how to use the program functions to create a good game but if a user wants to learn about object orientation principle then he better goes to

Thanks for replying

I dont get that myself…

But thank god everything is in python. I find struggling with compilers directives to be the most frustrating part of programming.