Sending data encrypted

Hi there! So I need to send authentication data encrypted from some clients to a server.

The application won’t be running on a browser, it’s one application running in each client and another server-application on the server.

After some quick reading, I was thinking of using SSL and passlib to hash+salt passwords on the server-side.
I was thinking to use python’s ssl module, but before starting I would like to know from users more experienced with networking security if this is reasonable safe and feasable with Panda.

Other doubt I have is that a few weeks ago I was reading some old topics in the forum and read somewhere that Panda3d already uses openSSL. Does this means that if I use panda3d’s networking interface (qcm, qcr, qcl, etc) I do not have the need to use pyhton’s ssl.

You’ll probably want to use public-key cryptography to negotiate a stream cipher with the server, and then use that cipher to encrypt the data. The SSL protocol implements this. I don’t know much about the applicability of SSL in this particular case, though.