Segmentation Fault

This is all I have to work with:

:odeworld(error): surface position exceeds size of surface table, set num_surface in initSurfaceTable higher.
Segmentation fault

I can give parts of the code out, but it’s a complicated system, so any ideas you can think of please do tell.

I’m using OdeSimpleSpace by the way.

EDIT: Apparently I was very stupid and forgot to call initSurfaceTable, which I swore I did…

anyways, new error now, screen is black, and ^C isn’t working, and the exit button isn’t working. I have no idea what’s happening.

EDIT 2: After a little print statement debugging, it seems that OdeSimpleSpace.autoCollide is going into an infinite loop. I’m not sure what could cause that, but I’m thinking a cyclic reference (I’m still not even sure how though). I’ll look.

EDIT 3: okay, I dunno what did that, but it’s solved now. Now, calling OdeWorld.quickStep(globalClock.getDt()) causes entity positions to be set to NaN, which I don’t understand.

the NaN error is usually caused by objects that get accelerated very highly and move out of the limits of a float. if you have two colliders overlapping at startup, or even worse colliders overlapping connected with joints, this is caused by the collisionsystem trying to correct the object positions.

you could for example check the velocities of each object in every step to find object causing the trouble. (OdeBody.getLinearVel)

Thanks, but it was caused by my mass being 0.