Segfault problem

I’ve a serious problem. I suspect it’s related to change of NVIDIA driver.
When I type this into python:

 import direct.directbase.DirectStart

I receive such output:

Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
:display:glxdisplay(warning): Couldn't open input method.
:09-05-2006 11:08:56 ShowBase(info): Default graphics pipe is OpenGL (glxGraphicsPipe).
:display:glxdisplay(debug): Trying for fbconfig with: RGB(1) ALPHA(1) DOUBLEBUFFER DEPTH(1), 18 matches found!
:display:glxdisplay: Selected suitable GLX fbconfig.
:display:glxdisplay(debug): GLX Fbconfig Info (# bits of each):
 RGBA: 8 8 8 8
 Accum RGBA: 16 16 16 16
 Depth: 24
 Stencil: 8
 Samples: 0
 DoubleBuffer? 1
 Stereo? 0
:display(debug): DisplayRegion::do_compute_pixels(50, 50)
:display(debug): Creating new window window1
:display(debug): Created glxGraphicsWindow 0x8423190
:display(debug): Windows resorted: window1(0)
Segmentation fault

I got ubuntu edgy, I’ve upgraded nvidia-glx package to 8774 version.
I think that before I’ve had 8762(was working with this package)
I use Panda3d 1.2.3 breezy package from downloads.

What do you think will make Panda working again?
Compiling it on my computer or compiling nvidia driver or what?
Help me, please.

I’d go back to the last version of the driver that worked for you.