Seek help: any guidence of panda3d make system

Hello all,
It seems panda3d has its whole makefile system and doc generation system? it’s special and smart, panda can works without some external dependency. I would like to learn it in detail, is there any brief gudience I can refers to, like “c++ component export to python part”.

If I understand you correctly.

The whole makepanda system is getting replaced by CMake very soon. As for exposing C++ code to Python, that is handled by a Panda3D tool called Interrogate. I am not sure how well documented Interrogate is though. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten links from @rdb in the past, but I cannot find them now.

Thank you for hint, there’s many things worth to learn :slight_smile:

Got it, thank you, so the makefile system will update, and c++ to python keep using interrogate.