SDK: Where is "panda3d"-executable under Linux?


I just built the Panda3D 1.7.0 source for Ubuntu 10.04, as there is no prebuilt package for that release. Everything went fine with

When trying to run any p3d-file or packp3d I only get:

I searched through the code directory and generated .deb-file. There is no “panda3d”-file :frowning:

My understanding is that I need that file to run any p3d-files, right?

Edit: I am talking about the SDK. Or do I need the runtime for that additionally?


That’s provided as part of the “runtime” build, not part of makepanda’s normal SDK build. You can build it as described in this thread.

But it might be easier to install the pre-built runtime from a different Ubuntu build. Have you tried it?


Hi David,

there is no prebuilt package for Ubuntu 10.04 and the packages for the older Ubuntu versions are built against old library versions, which are not available anymore in this release. So I have to build my own :blush:

There’s a panda3d-runtime package for lucid in the Panda3D PPA:

If it’s not on the download page, that’s a mistake. I’ll see about correcting that.

Ah, thanks. Much easier :slight_smile: