SCSI Controller Error Message....?

Anyone knows why the engine may report an SCSI error while starting up?

Unable to open SCSI controller 1:[\], error code: 0x5

This error doesn’t crash the app or anything, but it’s strange…

For starters, the SCSI controller… Which one? PC’s can have a lot of them.

Panda’s a mean little engine. :laughing:

I don’t know, but it sounds like the error is not coming from Panda.

Error 0x5 I believe, means…

Illegal request: (0x5) Invalid command or data issued

I have noticed that, if I were to load an Actor without texture or a material, I get that error; and yes, I do have a model (actor) that doesn’t have texture and I’m sure no material as well.

I thought I read in the manual, P3D will default a material anyway if none is defined within the egg file. I guess that leaves the no texture then…

I can load a textured tester model in the place of the untextured one to see if the error goes away, but I’m already positive it will go away then.

(because I’ve seen this SCSI error several times now while having an untextured object in the scene)

I guess the next question would be… Why does P3D report the SCSI error when a model has no texture?

I am using P3D 1.7.0


Will older versions of Panda remain available?