"Scripting Issues" is turning into "General Discussion"

I will take this opportunity to raise the issue of the degradation of the “Scripting Issues” section, I have noticed for a long time that it has turned into a copy of “General Discussion”. I tried to transfer posts of this kind to the “General Discussion” category, but this was canceled by one of the administrators and the ability to edit posts was taken away from me.

I suggest in the section “Scripting Issues”, first of all, to start the message with a piece of code in which there is a problem. That is, the code must necessarily appear for the topic of discussion.

I think it’s better to stick to this rule or combine these sections into one. So the mess is already on a large scale.

I mean, this is a thread asking for help in developing something, and doesn’t specify C++, and so it seems on-topic to me within the “Scripting Issues” section.

“General Discussion” is a less well-defined section; I suppose that it’s a catch-all for threads that don’t fit in the other various sections.

I didn’t understand what C++ had to do with it. And where did you see any script here?
Ah you interprets it as “Help in writing scripts”

Because we have a separate C++ sub-forum.

Exactly. In fact, I seem to vaguely recall that the old description of the sub-forum indicated as such.

Ah, here we go: Thanks to archive.org, I found an old copy of forum’s previous incarnation. As shown there, the description for this sub-forum back then was “Problems/Tips/Suggestions for creating something in Panda3d”.

(Conversely, the description given there for the “General Discussion” sub-forum was “Discussion of anything and everything related to Panda3D”.)

Simply put, coding in Python is sometimes termed “scripting”, so this is the sub-forum dedicated to asking for help with Python-coding in Panda.

I still don’t understand why you switched to C++. Although I didn’t mention it here. I interpret the “Scripting Issues” section as exactly a problem with my script or code that doesn’t work properly.

In general, the question of how to do something sounds too broad.

In short, I was saying that it fits here because:

  • It’s asking for help with implementing something, which means that it either goes here or in the “help with C++” sub-forum.
  • And since it’s not a C+±specific question, that places it in this sub-forum.

As I said, that doesn’t match the original description of this sub-forum.

I don’t see why. Such questions seem to me to be perfectly reasonable to ask.

Now, if you mean that they should go into the “General” forum, my understanding–again, based on those old forum-descriptions–is that said forum is more for discussion about the engine, rather than about how to do something with the engine.

So, for example, a discussion about whether a specific feature of the engine is well-designed would go into “General Discussion”. So too would a thread talking about changes to the look of the website.

Conversely, a discussion about how to implement something in Python would go here.

[edit] However, this is all a massive derail of the thread. I thus request that a mod split this off into a thread of its own.

How ironic, then, for you to start a general discussion inside a scripting issues topic ;-). I have split off this discussion and moved it to General Discussion in order not to further disrupt the original question thread, since this discussion does not benefit that user.

In this case, maybe it was a little bit ambiguous where the question belonged, but since it was asking about how to accomplish something via scripting, I think it was still right. But I appreciate that the boundaries between forum categories can be a little fuzzy and unclear at times.

I am not in favour of merging the two sections, since they are already quite large and broad, but I would not be opposed to a redivision or reorganisation of sorts.

I’m not aware of the incident you are referring to in your first post. Your account has Trust Level 3, which is the highest level that is assigned automatically by the system. Note that you can always flag a post if you think it belongs elsewhere.

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