Screen tearing in simplest application

Hello. If I run the introductory application (panda going in circle in a jungle), the animation has a noticable tearing - little (maybe one-frame) pauses, nonetheless noticable. I would expect it to run smoothly, but it doesn’t. I have a high-end gaming PC.

Could somebody give an advice?

Thank you

Do you see actual screen tearing, or is it just that the animation rate isn’t matching up with the framerate?

If the former, then this can be controlled by sync-video true to enable VSync, although this is subject to being overridden in the driver settings (so make sure VSync isn’t forcibly disabled there). If the latter, you can set interpolate-frames true in Config.prc, which will be slightly slower but make Panda calculate the intermediate frames to get a smoother animation.

It seems here it says: