Screen getting black

Hi there,

when I start my program screen gets black, normal. Then I see he world I created but then the screen turns black again for 2-3 seconds and then my world comes back. This only happens when starting panda in fullscreen. When starting in a window the world stays there after seeing it once. After the second black screen everything works as expected.

Why does the screen turn black for 2-3seconds after already showing what it should show in fullscreen?

Does nobody know or is unclear what I mean?
You can see it at the start of this video:

It is different on each start how long it is black, though.

If this helps, this is my

This always happens in fullscreen. Never in a window. If I run it in a window everything is fine. But I have no clue, why.

Thanks to ThomasEgi. I don’t know why but disabling composite effects in the windowmanager solves this problem.