Screen Capture videos

Hi, I’ve been trying to capture a short movie of my Panda application using either recordmydesktop and xvidcap (Ubuntu 8.04). Strangely, the Area drawn by Panda doesn’t get captured: the cursor moves but the image remains the same as the original frame!

Anyone have experienced this?

Never had a problem with that. Sounds like some interplay between these capture applications and your graphics driver. You could try temporarily disabling your hardware graphics driver and running in software. Of course, that will be slow.

Another option is, which will capture a series of individual frames that you can then bake into a movie yourself. This is slow too, but Panda will automatically slow down the clock during the capture so that when you play the movie back it will be running at full speed.


gtk-RecordMyDesktop captures the panda3d window fine here.

Sigh. It is probably a hardware problem. NVIDIA cards on Linux are a pain in the mouse. I’ll try the route.


strange. i only use nvidia cards under linux , never had any trouble with screen-capturing.
are you using some 3d-acc desktop or something special? maybe some overlay mode or something?

Just plain NVIDIA with the proprietary driver (nv wasn’t working at all). I’ll try on a different computer tonight.

edited: I get the same problem on a different computer, also running a NVIDIA card of an older vintage. That’s wierd, but probably not Panda’s fault.