Scene Editor problem

Hello everybody!
I have read that Panda3D has a Scene Editor!
In direct\src i’ve found a folder named leveleditor. I have tried to run each py and pyc files in the same way as in samples. I made even a .bat file , tried it out in samples too, but it didn’t work (in the level editor, in samples everything is fine). Is this folder (leveleditor), the scene editor. If yes what is the problem, or how should I run it? If not where is it?
Thanks for any help, and sorry for my bad english, I hope its understandable!

Nope, the “leveleditor” is not the same as the Scene Editor. The ‘leveleditor’ is something Disney uses for their Toontown game, and does not work since it lacks certain modules.

The SceneEditor however is very buggy and is not guaranteed to work. Some users have got it to work though. I think you can find it in the Source distributions at the download page, but am not sure.

Thanks for help!