Scene editor for Panda3d

An open source level / scene editor for Panda3d.
This project aims to make Panda3d more intuitive to use for artists and game developers.
It has all the basic level editor features such as

  • Object manipulation
  • Properties panel
  • Console panel
  • Project based approach
  • Scene graph
  • Resources browser

It also has a complete support for editor plugins so developers can create ( or maybe even sell ) their tools to extend the editor with third party tools, for a complete list of features visit the project homepage.

If you think PandaEditor can prove useful for your projects or for Panda3d in general, than consider giving it a star on GitHub, and if you can please support it on Patreon too.

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I am a noob and I strongly support your project, please keep your good work.
Maybe you can make an editor like Godot? Because Panda3d is similar to Godot. :laughing:

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Thanks for the compliment… :upside_down_face: & have you tested it out is it working ? Are there are issues etc…?

OK. I will test it soon.
Now I am downloading the panda3d sdk.
Maybe I will reply you the day after tomorrow. :laughing:

@obaid_ur_rehman I don’t want to discourage you from your endeavours, however your code looks suspiciously like code from my editor project :wink: Instead of cloning this as its own repo, why not collaborate on the original? I’m sure we could get a lot more done that way and help the community in the process by not splitting our efforts.

It seems that this editor is unfriendly to my 4k monitor.
I don’t know how to use it.
I can not move, rotate or zoom object by mouse.

Well, alt+mouse will should be modified.

It’s alt,not control.
I can not test more function because it is difficult to do any operation.
Anyway, I like your editor design.Maybe you can add hotkeys which are similar to blender.

You can just drag panels to fit your monitor, I knew this was an issue when I tested it on a second computer, I will fix this soon.

Another bug fix and improvement update has been submitted to GitHub, in particular the Object inspector and Scene browser has a complete overhaul they are much more intuitive now and more easier to work with.

To speed up the development, I have also created a patreon support page…so if you find PandaEditor useful for your projects or for the Panda3d community consider showing support on patreon page PandaEditor patreon.

I have also decided to create a dedicated discord server for PandaEditor, the link is in description of this post.

Finally I would like developers to test out PandaEditor and provide feedback and suggestions, they matter a lot to make PandaEditor better and more stable.


PandaEditor is now in a state where everything can be tested, except for scene saving all core systems are implemented.
I have also included a few samples including a working editor plugin and a simple tutorial, so you can see how things work, and If you like it please give it a star on GitHub.

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