PandaEditor - Scene editor for Panda3D

Scene editor for Panda3D

PandaEditor is an open-source 3D scene / level editor for the Panda3D game engine, it is designed to be easy to use and extend and provides end users with a convenient interface and tools to quickly prototype and create 2D or 3D scenes, this project aims to make Panda3D more intuitive for artists and hobbyists by providing an editor centric workflow and user-friendly tools.

  • The complete project along with its documentation is hosted on GitHub.
  • If you want to support or sponsor this project then consider subscribing to any tier of your choice on PandaEditor patreon page.

:blue_square: Development update #01

Hi, guys! For those of you who have been following PandaEditor development on GitHub know that it’s been a while since any significant development updates were made, this was mostly due to usage of “direct”, the default Panda3D python side framework which created some compatibility issues in context of using it alongside PandaEditor, the good news is that this has been fixed and a new simple and straightforward framework “demon” has been created and implemented, this however has broken all additional editor systems but this will be fixed as soon as possible, in the meantime you can give “demon” a try, its stable and can be used for production as well, visit the GitHub page for more info on this.


I am a noob and I strongly support your project, please keep your good work.
Maybe you can make an editor like Godot? Because Panda3d is similar to Godot. :laughing:

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Thanks for the compliment, have you tested it out and are there any issues etc…?

OK. I will test it soon.
Now I am downloading the panda3d sdk.
Maybe I will reply you the day after tomorrow. :laughing:

@obaid_ur_rehman I don’t want to discourage you from your endeavours, however your code looks suspiciously like code from my editor project :wink: Instead of cloning this as its own repo, why not collaborate on the original? I’m sure we could get a lot more done that way and help the community in the process by not splitting our efforts.

It seems that this editor is unfriendly to my 4k monitor.
I don’t know how to use it.
I can not move, rotate or zoom object by mouse.

Well, alt+mouse will should be modified.

It’s alt,not control.
I can not test more function because it is difficult to do any operation.
Anyway, I like your editor design.Maybe you can add hotkeys which are similar to blender.

You can just drag panels to fit your monitor, I knew this was an issue when I tested it on a second computer, I will fix this soon.