Saving files into subfolders after distribution[SOLVED]

I packaged up a distributable version of my game to hand out to play testers, but when I installed it on my laptop I ran into a problem.

My game saves text files into subfolders for options, saved games, etc. However, in the freshly installed version of my game, none of those folders exist, presumably because they are packed into the .exe file. Thus, when it tries to save a custom options file into the “Options/” folder, the game crashes.

Do I just need to look for these folders before hand, and if they don’t exist, create them?

Apparently not, since the game still crashes when the folder is there.

How do I go about saving my text files to disk post distribution?

When you save a file at runtime, it goes inside the the start folder in the runtime Panda3D directory. So, files like options and/or saves can be saved there. In your case, the problem should be that the folder start/Options doesn’t exist.

Alright, that answers that question. I’ll just need to create the correct folders in the runtime Panda3D directory if they don’t already exist.

Thansk for the rapid reply Yaio.