saving and loading game

how i do saving and loading the game? The game is in 3d.
I would like guidance on classes and methods to be used

afaik there is no built-in method in panda, you have to do it yourself.
idea is simple - it is saving and loading object states between world sessions.
for example save positions of the balls, their velocities etc, when loading savegame you create new world and modify newly loaded balls according to data in save file - reposition then, set new velocities etc. scene with moving balls should pick up game where it left.

ok. If I understand the player not saving in random mode
but after a video or a session game i writing a file txt for using it after. then i insert in the GUI of game only load game

Can you add some context to this? Maybe some of your code you used earlier?

sorry i don’t understand

Depending on how complex your desired save-games are intended to be, the module that I hope to post in Code Snippets sometime in the next few days might be of use to you.

If you intend only simple save-game files (just a level number, or a handful of player-related values, for example), you might as well just use Python file -writing and -reading and restore the game state yourself.