Sanity builds?

I recently downloaded the head and noticed that that it doesn’t build clean because of missing symbols in the audioManager.h. I realize that the maintainers are busy, but is there any chance you could do a sanity build after checking in changes to CVS? I don’t mind hacking code, but it isn’t clear from these kinds of build issues whether I’m missing something important even though I can make it compile clean. Thanks.

Actually, the head does build clean. At least, it does for us here in the VR Studio. It generally does, because we have a server that’s constantly checking it out and trying to build it, and it emails everyone on the core development team when the build fails.

But we don’t build Panda precisely the same way that the community does. In particular, we use ppremake instead of makepanda, and we have our own set of third-party tools, which is slightly different from the set that others use (or that are provided in the thirdparty download here)–for instance, we don’t use FMod for audio; we use Miles instead. So if there are build problems with these other parts of Panda, we won’t know about it.

Is it possible that you experienced the same build problem reported in this thread?


Yes, same problem. It’s a file I forgot to check in. And it didn’t set off the automatic build, because the automatic build doesn’t use that particular option.

I’ll fix it now.