samples don't work in win7 pro 64bit

I’ve installed panda3d 1.8 on windows 7, but the Solar System and Asteroids samples were not working (I didn’t try the others): it only opened a black window.
So I uninstalled 1.8 and installed 1.7.2, with the same results.
I’ve used only pre-packaged versions.
No error message was given (I ran the samples from the command prompt).
I have an Asus Eee PC 1215P (Intel Atom D525, GMA3150), with video driver properly working.
Any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

Try changing to DirectX 9 in your etc/Config.prc file in the Panda installation (by setting the load-display line to “load-display pandadx9”). Does the problem still occur?

Do you have problems with other OpenGL programs? Are you using the latest version of your video drivers?

Thanks a lot: it worked :slight_smile:
I had to install also directx, which is quite obvious, but it’s been a long time since last time I’ve used windows, so I missed it :expressionless: