Sample Game Templates! To Use and Learn From!


I’ve just had an idea!!! I’m not sure if this is possible or not, but I figured I’d throw it out there anyway.

It would really be of enormous help to noobs like me, if somebody could make some ‘sample game templates’ of different game genres, such as RPG, STRATEGY, FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, ADVENTURE…ECT.

These sample games (with source code and media of course) could then serve, not only as an example of Pand3D’s capabilities, but as a starting point for users to work from to develop their own games.

For instance, if somebody wanted to make their own RPG, they could just add to or modify the existing RPG ‘sample game template’. They could add their own models, textures, GUI …ect. Without having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ so to speak.

Well, it was just a thought :smiley:


That is a REALLY interesting idea.

No, I didn’t emphasize that enough. That is a REALLY, REALLY interesting idea.

I’m with you on this Josh and Witchetty. The biggest stumbling block I think people outside of Disney VR and ETC are having is trying to figure out how to make their games like they are able to with other 3d engines like Torque.

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing Panda3D with Torque. They are two different beasts, and Panda3D should play to its strengths. I forgot where I was trying to take this comment…

Oh well… :laughing:

No, I’m not trying to compare really, just trying to determine the capabilities. I find it hard to learn the capabilities of Panda with the tutorials and ToonTown.

I must agree. Coming from oldest C++ engine , i’ve found often myself coding stuff (as used to do in the oldest engine) before to realize that was built-in in Panda. (like tasks , timers…)

Making those samples is an excellent idea! I think that it would definetly help a lot of people to learn how to use Panda.

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That was actually me, I guess somehow I was logged off.

is it about demopacks or genre-template packs?

most useful would be (imo) a step-by-step howto : from plan to *.exe installer (based on a simple genre-template pack) involving all aspects: i.e. making a loading screen, 2d and 3d art, scripts, … and making a cute-looking installer based on nsis or inno.

then, how to find a publisher or diy distribution … to recover a bit …

… and finally how to sell your brilliant blockbuster idea to Disney … for the sequels … and idea generation sessions on fiji … or equivalent …