Russian Community

Panda3d is good for both beginner and skilled developers;
however in Russia it does not have that popularity mostly because
of the lack of materials in Russian. Therefore, would you
consider the creation of Russian community of Panda3D and
launching the web-site which will present Russian language
materials about Panda3D?

I have sent this message on an e-mail, but the answer have not received, therefore I write here

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

first of, welcome to the panda forum:)

if you like to build a russian community webside. feel free to do so. i highly doubt that cmu or disney will do it for you. they have little intrest in making panda more popular since they dont really benefit from a bigger community (except for more bugreports and maybe a few people helping developing)

so you would have to do it yourself, or with the help of volunteers.
you could start by translating the manual etc… if no one else did already, not really sure.


Actually, I wished to create a web-site myself. From developers I expected the permission to all it. I tried to find any resources about a panda in Russian, but - nothing, except for several posts at forums and soft-archives.

I’m from Russia and I decided to translate manual from panda3d site.

You can find all my translations on

I also use Blender, but BGE too slow now (I hope -while) and I decided to work with Panda, so then I read panda manual i also translate it into russian.

May be It will help to create Russian community of Panda3D

Best regards


Wow, cool ))
However, blogs are badly indexed by search engeenes, also it is created recently. I think better to start a normal website. For example
What you think?

I think, that google has no problems with indexing of, because there is no problem if you’ll use google features correctly

Hi. Its hard nowadays to get a answer from CMU regarding websites and such. David might be able to answer some of your questions here (he’s working for Disney) but I dunno if there is a problem with using Panda3D itself. It might be a problem with the P3D layout. I am not sure there.

However, I wonder if we can’t focus the Panda3D ressources on a single spot (more or less). We are running a custom project regarding panda3D already (take a look here: - and it as quite some more space and bandwith free.

Regards, Bigfoot29

(oh btw: an answer might take a few days. Its sad, but I am not here every day…)