invalid server certificate

My runtime package cache used to live in (which matches where it is on my other computer):

Now its in:

Thats a hash of something right? Now its different. Odd.

And I got this error trying to run pdeploy:

So I removed my existing runtime package cache, and now I get this when running ppackage:

And it just sits there idle, not exiting or doing anything.

All this happened when I went to try and do a Mac release again. Its been a while since I tried. I wanted to verify how it was working on 1.8.0 before upgrading to 1.8.1 (since I’m gonna need some re-hacked headers to make it link I suspect). All the Windows builds I build today were fine. I even removed my hosts cache and it rebuild correctly at the runtime.panda3d.org_0f5faf88846080ae path.

So I think either this is a Mac specific issue, an issue with my machine, or a breakage to 1.8.0 thats fine with 1.8.1.

If I double click on of my p3d files, I get an empty white window, and nothing else happens, and it outputs:

just like when trying to run ppackage now.

The new cache in runtime.panda3d.org_96a0ec538744def6 got a contents.xml, images/images.xml and images/usage.xml and no other files.

Suggestions for how to fix this are welcome, as are requests to try things for testing. I figure I have a system in a rather odd broken state exhibiting some bugs in error handeling in addition to the breakage, maybe I could provide some useful testing?

This issue has been reported many times now. The workaround is to pass -M and -u options to panda3d to set the host to the non-https domain. But for me, the latest devel version of the runtime fixes it as well. … sx/builds/

Daily build of the runtime seems to have fixed the issue. Great work once again rdb!