Running tools form any location.


I having a slight problem running the tools out side of the tools directory. It means I keep having to copy files into the tools directory.

I checked the system and the path to the tools was there. Could someone tell me how the PATH need to be modified.

echo $PATH

Thanks a lot

I’m not familiar with the problem you describe, so I need to understand more precisely what you’re talking about.

What “tools” do you mean, exactly? What happens when you try to run a tool from the wrong directory? What do you mean by “tools directory”? What files do you copy into the “tools directory” to make it work?



Thanks for the reply. I should have been more clear.

The tools I refer to are for converting object and other things like that. i.e. dae2egg, lwo2egg.

All there programs are in a tools directory within the main Panda3D install directory.

All I would like to do is have my dae file in a folder the in a terminal go do that directory and run the command.

i.e. Desktop> ./dae2egg model.dae model.egg

Hope all this makes sense

Aren’t these command-line tools in the “bin” directory? In any case, they should be added to the path automatically by the Panda3D installer. So I’m a little surprised when you say it doesn’t work.

Of course, it certainly won’t work if you use the “./” prefix to your command; you should type “dae2egg model.dae model.egg” instead of “./dae2egg model.dae model.egg”. The “./” prefix means “look only in this directory for this command; do not search the PATH.”

Could this be your only confusion? Or does it not even work if you omit that prefix?


Thank you so much I don’t know how I could nave missed that.