Running the scene editor

Im having trouble running the scene editor. I made a simply .bat file with the link “ppython” yet nothing seems to happen, i tried adding -i to see what was going on and got this message :

Look at these, they should help.

Thanks, still having trouble though.

Does this mean I have to replace “from panac import” in every file shown above with “from pandac.PandaModules import”, if so I have tried this (with the other fixes) with still no luck. Maybe im on the wrong path…


The “base.cTrav.addCollider(self.Collisionnode, self.CollisionHandler)” can not be found in

Has someone succuesfuly done all this and got it working ? if so is there somewhere you can get the fixed files ?

is it still the same error, or something new?


I’am the one who writed the correction How To.

Yes you must replace in every file listed.
I’ve got the scene Editor pretty working right now.
Warning: I use it directly (not as an import in a python script)

I don’t know how to send fixed file however.
I’ve heard about a “patch” system that’s all.

I’ve post the source at the following adress:

Manakel can you change to official code in the CVS too?


Works like a dream now manakel, thanks a lot !

Warning:in my version the saving code for actor is not changed yet.

Ie: you wont be able to save scene with animated actor.

Whats the matter with the saving code.
What are the differences between Panda 1.0.5 and Panda 1.1.?