Running Panda

I can’t run Panda! On the Start Menu, I get: Panda Manual, Panda Website, Program Manual, and Sample Programs. How do I run the actual engine?

You can’t “run” Panda3D. It’s a library, not a program or executable.
This question has come up before:

panda3d is not an engine, its a library you write engines out of.

I’ve just installed Panda too. I would have thought the sample programs would work myself, but they ALL just bring up a black window, then crash out of site immediately, with no visible errors.


Assuming you got windows.

Maybe its because a dll is missing as stated here:

Just search your system for the MSVCR71.dll if you don’t find it (in windows\system32) you can find it here: … ml?msvcr71

Just copy it into windows/system32 directory.

If you have this file, it would help if you start a sample program with CMD by cd to the directory of the sample programm and invoking the command python There you should see more infos about the failure.


Yeah I’ve got that file in the right place. Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry - but I have uninstalled it all now anyway. :frowning: