Run-time script and linking it to an external program

I´m new to Panda3D and i wonder if it is possible to use python script at run-time without compliling them into byte-code first.

Basically what i´m trying to do is to have a god father controller in the environment which can use the script freely at run time to change any aspect of the game the script has access to. I also intend to link it to an external program to monitor certian objects and be able to change their behaviour based on the external program output.



This is exactly the sort of thing that Python does. (Don’t be confused about compiling it into byte-code, though; Python does this completely automatically and transparently and it is just an implementation detail that the Python programmer usually isn’t even aware of.)

It sounds like your question is more of a Python question that a Panda3D question; you might try directing follow-up questions to the folks on one of the python mailing lists, or one of the other forums, listed at