run() freezes my pc

Hi all,

Since my fresh install the run() statement freezes my pc completely.
No mouse movement, no ctrl-alt-del or whatever. not even keyboard lights on caps-lock/num-lock. Not fun to debug! :frowning:

It’s a winxp machine with the latest version of panda and python 2.4. and tried reinstalling both several times. (reinstall of os is not an option right now)
I must say that on the first try i installed python2.3 (next to 2.4) and panda for that version. (That was before i noticed that ODE worked with 2.4 these days)

I can’t find anything related on forum or manual. Maybe someone else here has an idea?

  • I tried starting with -vv and redirected stdout and stderr to a file.
    stderr is empty, the stdout contains a lot of ‘import’ and ‘# trying’ lines plus a few ‘…(warning)…’ lines. I can post this if you want .
  • Is there anything else, besides uninstall wizard, i can do to cleanup everything? Any special places panda looks at?
  • is the order inside PATH important? any other interesting environment variables?


Sounds like it might be a driver issue.


run pview. Does it work, or does it freeze? If it works, it’s not a driver issue, but it must be something to do with Python.

Assuming pview doesn’t work either: change to DirectX8 or DirectX9 instead of OpenGL. That is, change:
load-display pandagl
load-display pandadx8
load-display pandadx9
in your Config.prc file.

Also try updating your graphics driver by downloading and installing the latest driver from the website of your graphics card’s manufacturer (e.g. or


Sometimes you just need someone else to tell you the obvious thing.

Driver update did the job. :smiley:

I had some problems with this particular hardware it the past, that’s why i didn’t upgrade it before.