rts hud

I’ve been having trouble with making a mini strategy/overview (I’m not sure the correct term, but rather like the little map in the bottom right hand corner of AOE2). And any links, help, tutorial, etc. concerning how to make one would be much appreciated.
I’m aware of the option to load an image, but I’d rather not do that (unless there is a way to dynamically create images in panda3d) as the maps are generated from a text file and meant to be as easy to mod as possible. Another option (which I’ve been using as a space-holder for a month or so) is to zoom all the way out and look down on the map, though it rather reduces framerate just because of the sheer amount of models. I don’t really know about any others, so I’m asking for help in how to make one. Thanks.

couldn’t you just create an image of the map and then place ‘icon’ images on top of the map and move them appropriately throughout the game?

in panda you can create images on the fly, aswell as manipulating them. for this task you might want to have a look at the pnm-image class.

Will do. Thanks!

EDIT: I think it will work (I haven’t actually got it working yet, I’ve just been looking through the online python doc).