ROS Integration with Panda3D

Hi guys, I just found about panda3d and I am having back and forth queries in my mind if panda3d will soon be most reliable simulation on all my needs.

Essentially I am roboticist pursuing my PhD project and one simulation software that is mostly used is called Gazebo. It is fairly good software however, not so great for rendering 3d environment. Thus, my interest with panda3d.

The advantage with gazebo is that it is easily compatible with ROS library hence its popularity from that angle. So to prevent reinventing the wheel, by any chance are there persons who might have done some projects with robot simulation running ROS and Panda3d ?? Especially when also using URDF files for robot description?


Hmm… I don’t know about ROS or URDF, but I do think that I recall some previous threads in which people mentioned that they were using Panda for robotics projects. Perhaps a forum search might turn up some useful information, if you haven’t done so already?

Thanks. Though at a quick glance, it seems, this area is yet to be explored. It does mean on my side I would need to do some digging of implementing desired achievements.

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