Robot's arm and Panda3D

I would like to make in Panda3D visualization of the robot, which is controlled from outside by the RS-232.
Reading from the RS-232 is not a problem, but I have a problem with visualization.
How to do robot’s arm which is bend/ twist in the appropriate point, and which is depending on the movement of the actuator?

I have the robot arm that moves up and down with hydraulic cylinder. Cylinder consists of two objects, the robot arm as well. Actutator is to move the arm after his transfer value by some function, say from 0 (inserted) to 100 (embossed cylinder). Figure 1 cylinder marked as slips and comes in a cylinder number 2.
Here is a picture:

model in obj:
model in dwg:

Would it be possible to do something this? This is just a piece of the robot.
Thank you very much for your help

Please note, this is not something that I’ve done before, I don’t think, and I’m still pretty new at Panda.

That said, I would imagine that the thing to do would be to rig an armature (am I correct in thinking that that’s Blender in the screenshot?) within the robot model, and then take the robot’s data and apply it to that armature.

The actual form of this would, I think, depend on what input you’re getting - for example, do you get the status of the piston, the orientation of the arm pieces, or both?

As to control of the armature within Panda, I think that this section of the manual might help.

Good luck! :slight_smile: