roaming ralph tutorial replace world with own (3dsmax)

hi there,

i’m trying to replace the environment of the roaming ralph tutorial with my own environment modelled in 3dsmax.

But everytime i try to run the example it is asking for the “starting_point”. how do I create this point in 3dsmax?

I read that in maya you have to create a “locator” and name it according to your code, in this case “starting_point”.

I already tried different helper objects in 3dsmax but without any success.

The “starting point issue” should go into some FAQ

wow thanks for the quick reply.

ok now I managed to solve the start_point issue. But my character won’t move through the terrain once I press the appropriate buttons it just stays there and loops the animation.

Do you know what might be the problem?

ok, i figured it out. had to change some lines in the eggfile. working perfectly now.

I realize this thread is several months old now, but I’m having the same problem as stated at the very end here – Ralph just seems to run in place and all I’ve done is change the environment to a textured plane.

I looked through the very simple egg file and compared it against the original world.egg but nothing popped out at me.

What did you have to chage?