Roaming Ralph In C++

Does anybody have a copy of the Roaming Ralph C++ example? The old link for it is dead, so I’d really appreciate it if someone could re-upload it.

It’s not a particularly good example to learn Panda anyway, though. It tries to follow the same structure as the Python sample, so the coding style is pretty horrible.


I have it, I can put into a zip file and email (PM) it to you if you would like.

Could you upload it to a file sharing site instead? I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s going to want to see it in the future. Seems like a better way than PMing the file around when people ask for it.

rdb: thanks for letting me know that it’s poorly written, but I’m still interested in viewing the code. There’s a dearth of C++ example programs, so any samples help.

Just in case it helps, I’ve found this one on my disk!


The second link (to rapidshare) appears to be invalid. If someone has this, and it’s not too large, I would be happy to host it on a static site that won’t change, if the original creator provides permission. But I’d like to have a copy in any case. Is the original source available?

Try this

Thank you, that downloaded!

Every link I can find seems to be broken. Can someone re-upload the Roaming Ralph in C++ example?