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Hi there,

just wanted to say hello to all. I am full of pep working for panda. Actually I was.

So this is my first poor attempt exporting a walkcycle (of a monkey).
Spent several hours looking in the forums. Thats what I found so far:
[newbie- maya export question)
panda3d.org/forums/viewtopi … 4096632f20
[Character Facial Rigging/Controls in Panda)

Feels like in hot water when andrew describes in his video that locators won´t be evaluated during export.

So my question would be what kind of Control Objects should I avoid when building the rig to export for panda?

-Is it okay to parent joints between and under Curves/Transform-Nodes/Locators?

-I have several constraints hooked up for switching purpose. Will that be fine?

-Or should I go with “egg-optchar” right away?

What about the MEL exporterScript in the Panda PlugIn path to use with the Flag MELscript for Exporting the animations/Model?
Or would you rather go with the commandLine Tool (maya2egg), respectively with the frontend GUI?

this is part of my (hypergraph) hierarchy:

Would be especially delighted to hear from your experience exporting to panda.
Great forum, btw!

the model exports fine as flagged “-a model …” without animation; just as soon it starts to move there are issues.

maya2009x64, vista64 bsnss, panda 1.7.0

Ok, I will examine a given *.egg model like “jack” or “ralph” how the hierarchy has been build and post a “Outliner” Screenshot.

If someone has build a successfull panda exported rig I would be extremely grateful if you could share your experience. Or give a hint about dos and don´ts regarding parenting objects (broken) hierarchy, using TransformNodes, etc.

I fixed it by replacing the ‘freezed’ transform Nodes in the Rig with “non-freezed”.
If you want me to I could post an Image of the Hierarchy.

Great Exporter -very handy and fun to work with!


Every info on the solution -screenshots included- are welcome. I’m not using Maya myself, but there are many people around asking how to export stuff from it from time to time.

Have a nice day.

hi there,

great to hear, thank you.

So one additional thing to mention is that when I keyframe all Control Objects (NURBScurve) to zero rotation (all joints will be (0 0 0) as well) at the beginning and at the end of the entire animation range the animation will export fine.

When left to another rotate value in the end the entire hierarchy will be screwed up. No matter if Transform Nodes parented between joints or freezed or non-freezed.

I used a more complex rig with broken hierarchy, constraints set driven keys and lots of connected attributes with utility nodes but since the last and first keys are set to rotate zero everything seems to export fine.

What is great btw. Very nice exporter and awesome functionality with the panda engine!

Outliner (partially)