Resources to get started and learn about realtime graphics rendering, PBR etc

Hello there!

First of all, very sorry for such a long post. Too long for a first post I guess…
I Hope this will be very useful for advanced users and newcomers alike.

As the title suggests I want to get my hands on real time graphics rendering, how it works etc. My ultimate goal is to have enough knowledge and skills to be able to write something close enough to @tobspr’s RenderPipeline and graphics in AAA games in general.

So, the question is - How exactly do I get to that point?


  1. I know Python and C++ and I am equally comfortable in both.
  2. Assume I know OpenGL programming(I plan to learn from LearnOpenGL).
  3. I know nothing about anything in graphics systems and how things work - (total noob on that)
  4. I have a very good physics background, ie. I may easily understand lighting, PBR and other related terminology.
  5. I can read long texts no matter its size if it is well written and structured.

My main problem is that, there is an exhaustive list of tutorials online for basic graphics programming. I don’t know where to look for resources on advanced topics.

So, I would be grateful if whoever likes to reply to my post gives the following details:

  1. A good resource to learn the basics of computer graphics.
  2. A good resource to learn all the PBR, post processing techniques commonly used or used by the best engines
  3. How you learned the various skills required to make realistic graphics (optional)
  4. Any other things not mentioned that I may need to know to be able to achieve my ultimate goal.

Edit: I would also like to know. How @tobspr himself got his skills and where he found resources.

Edit: Made the post a bit more readable.

PS: After doing enough research about graphics API, game engines etc., I finally set my mind on Panda3D. Cheers!

Hi, welcome!

Since you like reading, here are some great resources to learn about PBR. This is a brief introduction to the theory of PBR:

These three are very in-depth resources that go into the math and the implementation in other engines.

And this one is more targeted at artists for content creation:

Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!

@rdb linked great resources - the RenderPipeline is actually based a lot on the findings from "Moving Frostbite to PBR.

I also got a lot of my knowledge and inspiration from SIGGRAPH presentations from which most of them are available for free. They give a great starting poin to dig deeper and show the current state of the art.

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Great! Thank you for replying!