[Resolved]Are toontown remakes actually allowed?

I haven’t been able to find any info saying that Disney was OK with these, but I also haven’t found anything from Disney saying they were against them. I contacted Disney support, but I think they use a 3rd party for their customer service. Whenever I ask something that’s not in the FAQ I get “Hello, you have reached Disney customer service, and unfortunately we are unable to answer you request. Sincerely, Eric.”

So does anyone have any info on whether we can actually use the Toontown files for stuff or not? Thanks.

Well you probably do not want to call it remake. To avoid copyright infringement you should copy things that are not copyrightable and not touch copyrightable stuff. Overall if you make a game that is kind of similar you should not have problems. Just do not rip content of original game.

I’ve seen like 15 of other peoples, who are using the original files, I was just wondering. I was told by someone that Disney had said that the files could be used for anything as long as no profit was made, but when I asked them for their source on that they didn’t respond. I kinda thought that it wasn’t allowed though.

I’m not a lawyer but I find it highly doubtful. They need to be able to control the presentation of their property, even if non-profit, because they wouldn’t want to see their characters used in some “inappropriate” way (sex, violence, promoting controversial ideas, etc.) and there’s no way to enumerate all of the possible things that might be inappropriate.

maybe those official files were actually a leak, not authorized release. and maybe what disney representative actually meant was “we dont care because its old and useless to us”. nevertheless i would advise to not violate their copyrights.

The way the game worked, all the 3d models were stored on the users computer in the game installation. They aren’t that hard to get to, so a LOT of people have been writing their own code and just stitching back together the models. I didn’t really think it was allowed, just thought I’d see if someone else had info I didn’t. Thanks for all the replies.