Reset "Front" of char, or make lookAt() reversed

Hi, I have a character in my game, that when I have the code:


player1 actually looks the exact opposite direction of player2. Is there a way to either change the orientation of my character, so his front is actually the front, or is there a way to make the self.lookAt() rotate by 180 degrees. I’ve tried this code, which didn’t work, and i’m not sure why.

if (self.keyMap["select-target"]!=0):
            player2_XCoord = self.player2.getX()
            player2_YCoord = self.player2.getY()
            player2_OppositeXCoord = player2_XCoord * -1
            player2_OppositeYCoord = player2_YCoord * -1
            self.player1.lookAt(player2_OppositeXCoord, player2_OppositeYCoord, 0)

This has the same effect of the player1 facing the exact opposite direction of player2, even though it should have inverted the x,y coordinates. Any ideas?

Found answer that works finally


hopefully this will help somebody else at some point.