Request Topic Deletion

I request for this topic to be deleted.

Please feel free to post on this topic, and comment on the video! This series is meant to help you guys out, and also help newer people learn about Panda3D. Upcoming in the future I might even make a website to help people navigate through the videos, post on forums, etc. but I can’t do that if no one if watching the series. So watch the series, like, comment, and subscribe, even send me an email and I will get back to you! Again, I hope this series helps you guys out.

I think you’re the first person who is uploading Panda3D tutorials on YouTube. This is really good for people who are new to Panda3D because it was difficult for me to learn Panda3D at first because there was no YouTube tutorials when I was learning Panda3D.

My only questions is, are you going to upload advanced tutorials? (Collisions? Physics?)

Of course! I will be uploading as much as I can, from loading a display to multiplayer networking! I hope to get everything, or at least most, of all the features of Panda3D.

He’s not the first, but I think he’s the first to make a proper series. I like them so far, keep them up!

Thanks, I tried looking at some tutorials as a beginner as well. I found a few series on Youtube (2 vids each o.O), and those were just Toontown phase files. I will probably make the next tutorial or 2 tomorrow (Friday, the 13TH!!! :smiling_imp:). In fact, the next tutorial is going to be split up into a few parts, because it will use Keymaps for user input. Again, thanks for your encouragement! :smiley: