request: provide download of ppremake.exe

I am attempting to build an egg2alice model converter.

I was originally excited to see that the headers and libs are included with the standard distribution. Sadly however, they don’t seem to want to link with the many different incantations of VisualStudio.NET 2005 projects I tried. So (with some advice from someone in the know) I resigned myself to building all of Panda.

I’ve learned all about the magic of the ppremake process. The first step being: build ppremake. After getting it to compile (VS.NET isn’t so happy with some old school c syntax in gnu_regex.c… but that’s easy enough to fix), it crashed when I tried to run it. I found a post on these here forums to “#undef HAVE_GETOPT”, so I did that. Still crashes.

Sure, I could probably keep on trudging, but I got to thinking… do I really need to build ppremake? Couldn’t the Panda team provide a way for us to simply download ppremake.exe? Is that too much to ask for?

I would make some bad joke about it being enough of a “bear” already to have to build Panda (without piling on ppremake), but that might be too cheesy. :slight_smile:


I have received a copy of ppremake.exe that works (thanks Jason), but I still think that it would be nice for future Panda builders to have this option. If the Panda team does not choose to provide the exe, I suppose I will hang it off of my webpage.