Request ebook

Hi Panda3D :slight_smile:

I’m new to this whole things, but I want to learn to use this engine as a start my learning of creating a cool game … he he he he :laughing:

I found that you have a comprehensive both manual and reference, I just wonder if you have both in PDF format, so I can still learning when I’m not online? I mean … so I could download it?

I’m sorry if this is too much too ask for a newbee like me, but it is difficult to me to be able to go online all the time, btw … I live in Indonesia.

Thank you in advanced

Best regards,

here you find the manual zip file:

Oops, I just noticed I forgot to upload the CHM versions of the reference and manual for 1.6.2. I’ve just placed them on the download page - take a look.

Seems the current manual is a bit outdated on a few topics?

Also, is there a way to get the Reference as download?
Its quite easy to work with Panda when you can get online, but it became a pain the last few days for me without internet access…

The reference is downloadable from the download page, under “Panda3D Manuals”. :wink:

But from the html-version I cant access the details on the class reference - it always tries to access the internet version (eg. manual/Class_Reference.html -> textnode ->
Is this a problem of the html-version only?

Hm, that sounds like a problem indeed. Have you tried the CHM version? It might not have this problem.

Just downloaded the latest chm-version. The class references are also linked to the online version and hence not accessable offline. :frowning: