replacing shape node: messes up model

when working in maya, i generally use a lot of shade replacement nodes in my rigs (

but i found out that this results into severe troubles when exporting the animation to panda3d: the mesh is totally messed up (stretched and or vertices pop out).

does anyone know if i’m not allowed to use this method or if i theres’s a workaround which still allows me to work this way? just to know if the “parent -r -s;” method is an absolute ‘no-go’… hopefully this will be covered in a future maya2egg exporter!

help is appreciated!

after a weekend of trying to find a workaround to still use my shape node replacement controls, i found a simple way to keep my animation and have a clean export: deleting the added shape nodes :confused:

so i definitely would like to propose this as a feature request for a next maya2egg exporter since i know a bunch of riggers who use this method, too… so it’s not something ‘exotic’.