repeatability of physical interaction between objects

Hi there,

I am considering using Panda3d for my application but not sure if it is the best choice.
Hence, I want to seek for your guys’ opinions and comments.

I want to simulate the collision between a moving sphere and a box sitting on a plane (I knew panda3d can definitely achieve this), my question is whether such physic interaction is repeatable in panda3d. Meaning given the same initial configuration of both objects, same speed, approaching direction and moving distance of the sphere, will it results in (almost) the same final pose of the box across many simulations?

Thanks a lot!

Panda3D has support for 4 different physics engines, its own internal system, bulled, ode, and phyx. As far as I can tell none of these are 100% perfectly deterministic due to floating point variables. The only fixed point engines that I could find are only 2d. I dont know the margin of error is acceptable to you, but you could always throw together a script that runs a simulation a few thousand times and you can determine the variance and see if it is acceptable to you.

Thanks a lot for the info! It definitely helps:)