"reparentTo" problem.


In Roaming Ralph (again), I want a ball attach to a model ralph.
the code look like below

self.ball = loader.loadModel(MYDIR+"/models/ball")      

And when I rotate the ralph , my ball rotated around the ralph.

Is it possible to attach my ball to the ralph just a position?
Example, when I move the ralph forward ,the ball is following the ralph normally.
But when I rotate the ralph ,I don’t want the ball rotate around.
( And scaling is in the same case )

any idea? thank you. :blush:

Try using wrtReparentTo instead of reparentTo.

you must want to use CompassEffect :
it works for pos, rotation, scale.

thank you !
I will try. :astonished:

My temptation would be just to create a task that calls


every frame.