RenderPipline: updating shadows for a SpotLight


I am using the renderpipeline (GitHub - tobspr/RenderPipeline: Physically Based Shading and Deferred Rendering for the Panda3D game engine). When using a SpotLight with a moving object, the shadows are not updated. The wiki refers to ‘self.render_pipeline.invalidate_region()’ that is not implemented in python. Moreover, using light.invalidate_shadows() does not seem to work… What is the solution?


How many lights do you have on the scene?

Hi, just one spotlight + the ‘natural’ light that is generated by the pipeline (and that depends on the hour of the day). The shadows by the natural light are working well, but I have now shadows for moving objects for the spotlight (but I have shadows for objects that are in the scene graph at the creation of the light)

Maybe your camera is too far from the light.
You can try to increase the update distance in “max_update_distance” option in the “pipeline.yaml” file.
You can also try to increase “max_updates”, but it used mostly for the larger amount of lights.